Video Section

I got a new one for you guys, and this one I made my self. Not quite up to snuff with the other ones but pretty cool none the less. Watch enjoy, Right Click Save as.

You will need divx for this one.


Here are some from Van Kouwen Designs, really cool movies even if you arent a car fan. Great work guys, I hope you dont mine me sharing these. (right click - save as)

1st One (15Mb) Abandoned air field Niederrhein. Really cool BMW drifts, nice EVOs and WRXs too.

2nd One (18Mb) Drift challenge. Ive never seen a Jag drift before, but theres a first for everything eh? Cool music too. Take a look.


Stig Memory (3Mb)

The stig was the driver in the popular british car show Top Gear. He died in a Jag while filming on an aircraft carrier. What a way to go.(Right click save as)