The Jetta

Hey im trying to get this part a little more up to date. So im just going to add a mod list. I have to say that this is coming along MUCH faster than I expected. Much props to my parents and friends for helping me along the way. You mean so much to me, hahah, ha, ha. ... sorry.

Mod List:

  • BBS RX 16x7 w/ Yoko A520
  • H+R Race Springs
  • Bilsten Sports
  • Love that combo
  • K+N filter with a gutted box
  • Aftermarker speakers and HU, although im displeased :(
  • Shift boot, yellow fog lights, TT race motor mount (sessy)

For Pictures Look in The gallery, I have to shoots with the car. One old one new. Also for some more indepth stuff go here.