Day 3!

DaAbomber: so how about those teenage republicans...
DaAbomber: haha have you seen there awesome t-shirts
Special686blend: yea
Special686blend: i want one so bad
DaAbomber: lol they have to remake the shirts so they say "HITLER YOUTH" on the front "Haliburton 04" on the sleeves and a little nazi elephant on the back
Special686blend: haha
DaAbomber: then that will spur the liberals to start a teenage communist club...
DaAbomber: and all hell will break loose
DaAbomber: we're talking all out civil war
Special686blend: where will you be when the shit hits the fan?
DaAbomber: most likely i'll be the person throwing the shit
DaAbomber: i want to see all those loud mouth political bastards kill eachother off
Special686blend: dude just keep blowing on the flames
Special686blend: "i hear <insert name here> said that <insert insult here>"
DaAbomber: i heard the young republicans have BUTTONS, that LIGHT UP, are you really going to take that???
Special686blend: haha, they will fire back with young commie AK's and sickles to the throught
DaAbomber: hahahaha
Special686blend: where is this goign to go down?
DaAbomber: the entire school will be there battle ground
Special686blend: from the halls to the class rooms from a100 to c 430
DaAbomber: exactly
DaAbomber: all out chaos
Special686blend: it cant be all out unless everyone feels stongly about one side
Special686blend: i say we start out brainwashing soon
DaAbomber: oh that was implied
Special686blend: where exactly?
DaAbomber: ummm...
DaAbomber: the small details like that dont matter
DaAbomber: lol
Special686blend: hah
Special686blend: i should probably dress up as bender
DaAbomber: for halloween?
DaAbomber: or just for the hell of it
DaAbomber: because itd be better with the second option
Special686blend: well were trick or treating next weekend, like after halloween
Special686blend: so yea it would probably be the later
DaAbomber: yeah last year me and some people trick or treated the night before and said our parents we're putting us under house arrest halloween because "we're too old to trick or treat"
DaAbomber: and we got so much canned goods
DaAbomber: it was insane
DaAbomber: i was thinking about trick or treating for "unicef"
Special686blend: hhah
Special686blend: what did you do with teh cans?
DaAbomber: where unicef=myself
DaAbomber: ahhh we made soup and through all the non metal stuff at cars
Special686blend: HAHAH
DaAbomber: ahha yeahhh
DaAbomber: u could serioulsy make some decent money trick or treating for "unicef"
DaAbomber: the whole goin to hell thing kinda gets in the way though