Day 2?

DaAbomber: i accidentally watched five minutes of a upn show
DaAbomber: so now everythign seems funny

DaAbomber: in five minutes, theyre we're at least 10 single ugly black women, 100 catch phrases (all some form of "Hey Hey Hey") and a script so bad it makes it look like wayzata newsbreak was written by shakespeare himself
DaAbomber: *shudder*
DaAbomber: and the entire seen was about two black women putting together a cabinet

DaAbomber: i dont think black people even watch it, the entire network is just a satire on racism
DaAbomber: i dont even know what satire is

Special686blend: yea, im pretty sure its watched by the really volitle viewing group of 12-13 year old white kids trying to fit in, (but not)
DaAbomber: haha yeah nothign gives little tommy a ebonics lesson like a fat black lady talking about her sex life to her equally fat daughter