Day 1

Part 1

ALP on politics:
i think that with all this election hype people are forgetting the true point of our governemtn and that is to fuck the poor and give to the rich, isnt that what modern exocnomoics is all about, in fact poor people have nothing, so when we take from them its like taking nothing, and ther ich rellay appreciate it, so that means less low incomve housing and moore mcdonalds employees, also kill bill is one kick ass movie, especially the jap dude with the long white beard, if u fuck with him, he rips your eyes out, that is some scary shit, so the moral of this little story is 1. drink 2. learn karate 3. kick some serious low income ass

Part 2

with all this recent talk on discrimination i ask, what happened to the white man, we can wear crazy ass hoody things if we're muslim, but if we're caucasion a baseball cap is just too damn much, hell we might be part of a gang, yet crazy isralis hiding god knows what under their shawls can just go hat crazy, that my friend is what is werong with the world, that and hawaiians, damn dirty hawains"

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