Im updating the site now, im not sure whats going to happen but stay tuned.




Hey I got some new pictures up from the concert last night. FUN time. Story of the year concert with Adair, Lucky Boys Confusion, and Hazen St. or something. Heres the link to the picture.




Well I havent updated in a loong time as you may be able to tell. Im going to try and get this going now as the host seems to be working of the time. (knock knock) Im doing a section on my car and everything I do on it, expect that in the next day. (if I dont get lazy). Thanks for comin.



Hey suckers, I have a new video of myself being an asshole. Take a look its in the videos section. :)



What do you guys want to see here? Im not sure of what to add. Ill put on some more pictures, non artsy ones. Im not good at those, but like "personal" ones. Whatever that means. Ill throw another video up too while im at it.




Hey check it out im updating, not much going on just that I got a new camera so expect more pictures in the art stuff page. I love the camera, its a Pentax Optio S 3.2 Mp. I think im artistic but im not... whatever check it out. Werd




Hey its almost x-mas. Yay. I need some help with the site though. This front page needs stuff. Well the whole thing does, I need content to add here and to the other pages. I can photoshop stuff to put erm, places. Just tell me what to add. I need more stuff. I hate the plain whiteness. My skin is white enough, I dont need a plain site too. :P thanks. E-mail me werksmini@yahoo.com or AIM special686blend. Later. -Parker



I have a video up now. Long live the stig.

Link (right click - save as)

[note: I added some more tonight so check the videos section.]



Im gonna try and get a site up and running. I didnt like the other one, so Im going to try and use some new stuff. My host problems are resolved now, so updating is easier and such.

So far I just have some pictures and my Live Journal. Sit tight and Ill add other good stuff. Later -Parker






Shuv it.